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St. Paul's church believes in being active in the local, regional, national, and world communities utilizing our time, talents and tithes to help those in need.  Through generous giving by our membership St. Paul's provides many services and outreach programs.  If you have been touched by someone at St. Paul's, or would like to join us in providing for the needy there are many ways that you can donate your time and offering, too. 

General Fund

Regular offerings, unless specifically designated, are placed in the General Fund. They may be used for missions, evangelism, education, fellowship, worship, and administrative activities. These funds help people outside our church and also strengthen our congregation.

Church Improvement

The church is over 90 years old and needs to be maintened in order to provide a house for God where members of the congregation can meet and worship. Money in this fund goes to pay for large dollar improvements to the physical building and grounds.

Community Dinner

Every Sunday of the month, one church in Findlay hosts a dinner that is free to anyone in the Findlay area that would like a warm, wholesome meal and friendly company. St. Paul's fills this need on the 4th Sunday of each month. This money covers the food that is prepared and any other items that may be given to those in need.


We believe in the future generation and know that they will need to be prepared in both Christian strength and faith. In addition, they will need to be educated in the knowledge and skills of this world. St. Paul's grants money to members of the congregation that apply for funds. Money given to this fund will help students reach their goals in life.

We call our Endowment Fund the Forever Giving fund as gifts to the fund will continue to support St. Paul's ministries year after year after year.  Since the goal of our endowment is to spend only the interest generated by the gifts it has become a wonderful financial foundation for the church.  If you want to leave a legacy of giving, please consider giving to the St. Paul's Endowment Fund.

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A memorial is a monetary gift that honors a family member or an acquaintence who has passed away. Money from this fund can used for music, worship needs, or special projects that we may not be able to fund through the regular offering.