Our History

A Rich History & A Brighter Future

St. Paul's is a great place to put down roots and begin to grow, both in relationships and spiritual faith.  We invite you to become a part of our church family and a part of a rich history.

1870 to the Present - Written by Miriam Vance in 2009

This history is being written in 2009 and draws on many early records and source materials.  In an effort to make it easier to read, this history has been divided into four time periods.  They are:

1870 to 1900  During these years the congregation was founded and the first church building erected as a mission of the Ohio Conference of the Evangelical Association of North America.

1901 to 1953  These years saw growth but also many obstacles to be faced and overcome.  In 1912 a larger building was built and at the end of the period a large addition to the building was erected.

1954 to 1990 

1991 to 2009  These most recent decades have been a time during which many efforts in spiritual growth and community outreach have taken place.

In each time period the history will cover these three areas:

  • The Congregation and its Programs
  • The Building
  • Interesting Anecdotes and Stories